About Weighted Blankets

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Let’s start off with the basics of what a weighted blanket actually is.  Unlike a regular blanket that uses lightweight material as filling, weighted blankets are specially designed to be heavier.  The additional weight is created by using tiny glass beads  fill small compartments of the blanket that provide a comforting pressure across your entire body. (No, the glass pellets are not sharp)

The purpose of the extra weight is to use the extra force being pushed down on your by gravity to stimulate “deep touch pressure” also known as DTP, deep pressure therapy, or DPT.

The blanket gently molds to the shape of your body to help you relax when you are feeling stressed or help you get a deeper, more quality sleep at night.  

The gentle pressure sends signals to your nervous system to rest and calm down, using some of the same principles as a hug.

Why Use a Weighted Blanket? / Science-Backed Weighted Blanket Benefits​

All of the benefits of a weighted blanket might sound like “woo-woo” pseudoscience, but there have been numerous scientific studies published over the years proving these amazing effects. Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve pulled together plenty of scientific studies to support the benefits below.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

There is a reason people often call these anti-stress blankets. There have been multiple studies showing that the deep pressure therapy from weighted blankets can go a long way in naturally lowering chronic stress and anxiety.

Better Sleep / Sleep Disorders​

Weighted blankets have been shown to help people that have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the night. Studies show these are often great treatments for insomnia and restless leg syndrome as well.

Promoting Overall Well-Being

The hormones released thanks to the DPTS (oxytocin, melatonin, and serotonin) can bring you to a calm state and a feeling of security and happiness. The addition of restful sleep may also contribute to starting each day off in a better mood you can carry on throughout the day.

Additional Benefits

There are plenty of additional benefits of weighted blankets that are backed by science such as treatment of PTSD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Asperger’s. Check out our weighted blanket benefits page for more.

How is the Restasy Weighted Blanket Made?

Our weighted blanket quilted needle spacing is 2mm. Glass beads can be firmly locked in each grid.

Shop by Size

Child Size​ (Coming Soon)

The smallest weighted blankets are meant for children that have problems keeping calm and have been used to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are 36″ x 48″ and available in 5lbs and 7lbs options.

Throw Size (Twin) (Coming Soon)

These are perfect for cozying up on the couch with to watch tv and relax after a long day. Twin size weighted blankets are 41″ x 60″ and available in 10lbs and 15lbs.

Adult Sleeper (Full/Queen)

The queen size weighted blanket is the most popular size and available in 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs.  They are ideal for one person or great for college students in their dorms.

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