The Social Dynamics of Self-Esteem: Theory to Therapy

  title={The Social Dynamics of Self-Esteem: Theory to Therapy},
  author={Ronald A. Steffenhagen and Jeff D. Burns},
Preface List of Tables and Figures Self-Esteem Psychology Toward a Definition of Self-Esteem The Self-Esteem Theory of Deviance The Compensatory Mechanism Self-Esteem in Modern Society The Nature of Conflict in the Development of Personality The Conflict Theory of Personality: Contradictory Tendencies Appendix A: Self-Esteem Inventory Appendix B: Mapping Strategies Appendix C: Reliability of Self-Esteem Inventory Bibliography Index About the Authors 


This paper aims to inform and to raise awareness of the existence of people with at least one tattoo in Romanian society. It is also hoped to increase the chances of integrating these people into

Effectiveness of Self-Esteem Therapy on Level of Self-Esteem among Adolescent Children Residing at Selected Orphanage Home

Children of today are tomorrow’s citi zens. There are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide, 250,000 children are adopted annually. Children with a sound mind in a sound body are

Negotiating change : the impact of school transfer on attainment, self-esteem, self-motivation and attitudes in physical education

The purpose of this study was to identify any changes in attainment, self-esteem, self-motivation and attitudes to physical education between the end of year 6 and the beginning of year 8 (during the

Self-Esteem and Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs among College Students: Coping as a Mediator

Self-esteem appears to be a protective factor for NMUPD in college students, and its relationship withNMUPD is mediated by two types of coping, including adaptive coping and maladaptive coping.

A Self-Regulating Teaching Approach To Improve Minority Students' Self-Esteem in a Multicultural Classroom Environment.

Evidence strongly suggests that many minority students spend a great deal of their classroom time trying to determine where they are, wondering who they are, and pondering the question of why they

Strategies to Change Beliefs that Cause Low Self-Esteem, Depression and Anxiety among Women of Pakistan

This paper is designed to investigate the real mind-set behind in-human and unjustifiable beliefs that common people blindly own, accept, belong, respect and name them as traditions. Such beliefs

Self-Esteem as an Antidote to Crime and Violence.

MFO1 /PCO1 Plus Postage. Adolescents; Children; *Correctional Rehabilitation; Crime; *Crime Prevention; Delinquency; Elementary Secondary Education; *Rehabilitation Programs; Self Concept; *Self

“Honor and Dishonor” and the Quest for Emotional Equivalents

In this chapter I describe how the moral and/or socioeconomic attributes of honour define an individual’s hierarchical positioning within societies and groups and contribute to the individual’s

Non-Examined Secondary School Curriculum and Quality Teacher Education: Case of University of Nairobi Students on Teaching Practice in Meru

Student teachers in teaching practice find themselves in a scenario whereby they are examined based only on their pedagogical competencies. This paper focuses on the student teachers’ quality in