How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

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Can you Wash a Weighted Blanket in a Washing Machine?

So, it’s laundry day and you’re trying to figure out how to launder that heavy blanket that’s been so kind to you and your sleep.  You’ve already realized this blanket is unlike other blankets and might need a different approach with how to wash your weighted blanket the right way.

We’d like to start by telling you what lots of other weighted blanket companies unfortunately misinform their customers with.  We like to be honest at Restasy ????

Maximum Weights for Washing Machine Loads

Most residential washing machines are not built to handle laundering heavy loads of clothes up to 15 pounds, let alone a weighted blanket up to 15 or 25 pounds.  Before washing your weighted blanket at home, please read your washer’s specifications for maximum weight loads.  

Generally, you can assume the following washing machine maximum capacities, but we still recommend checking on your particular model’s specifications first:

  • Standard capacity top load washers – 12 pounds maximum
  • Standard front-load washers – 15-18 pounds maximum
  • Large capacity front-load washers – 20-22 pounds maximum

If your washing machine is too small, we recommend cleaning your weighted blankets in a commercial washer found at your local laundromat or fluff and fold* location.  This applies to blankets you bought from Restasy or one of our lovely competitors. 

*You can definitely drop your blanket off at a “fluff n’ fold” location and give them your instructions, but they usually charge by your laundry’s weight, so it would save you a lot of money to use the machines yourself.  

For non-Restasy weighted blankets, follow the manufacturers’ recommended cleaning instructions, but swap out the home washer for a commercial one.

For Restasy weighted blanket cleaning…

Washing a Weighted Blanket – Sherpa/Fleece 15lbs+

The Restasy sherpa/fleece weighted blankets are stain resistant, meaning they will not stain as easily as cotton or other natural fibers. If you have a section of your blanket that gets dirty from a spill or dropping it outside, it can be spot washed with soap and warm water.  

For a full cleaning, we recommend bringing the blanket to a laundromat to use a commercial washing machine if your machine doesn’t state it can manage larger loads. 

Wash on a gentle cycle, cold to warm, with your preferred detergent.

To dry a weighted blanket, we recommend you lay it flat to dry, or hang if you have a sturdy enough place to drape your blanket over.  If using a dryer, set it to a gentle low heat setting.  Please DO NOT use a dryer on high heat.  The glass beads will not heat up, but the high temperatures and agitation from spinning in the machine can increase the chance of damaging your blanket.  

How to Wash a Bamboo Weighted Blanket 15lbs+

Bamboo is a natural fabric that requires more TLC than artificial fabrics like the polyester used for fleece and sherpa blankets.  

These blankets can also be spot cleaned with a warm water and soap.  Bamboo weighted blankets can stain easier than polyester, so make sure to quickly spot clean any spills or marks that can leave a stain before it sets into the fabric.  

The same rule applies for bamboo weighted blankets regarding the weight and home washing machines.  Weighted blankets 12lbs and under should be fine to wash at home in most washing machines (check with your machine’s specs first), but above 12lbs you should consult your manufacturer’s guidelines or opt for a commercial washer. 

Wash the blanket on a gentle cycle using cold or lukewarm water with detergent, preferably a natural and gentle detergent.  Hot water should not be used to wash bamboo since it can shrink and damage the blanket.

To dry a bamboo blanket, you should air dry it by hanging it on a sturdy surface or laying it flat and lifted off the ground for full air flow to reach the top and bottom of the blanket.  These types of blankets should not be dried in a dryer.  Bamboo is a durable material, but can easily shrink in a dryer. 

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