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About Restasy Weighted Blanket Company

First off…what does “Restasy” mean? 

Naming a company is apparently really hard!

After some brainstorming with friends and family, I thought this was a witty name that would symbolize the two feelings I want customers to experience with Restasy’s products.  Please don’t judge the name too much, I was more focused on creating the best products I could, and less on the whole branding thing.  

REST– allow to be inactive in order to regain strength, health, or energy

ECSTASY – an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement



*It sounded clever at the time

Who is Behind Restasy?

So far, just me (with some help from friends and family).  I’m just a 35 year old from the Northeast USA that had an idea and a desire to help people.

I started Restasy during the Great Pandemic of 2020.  Like so many others, I was feeling a lot of anxiety and having trouble sleeping.  Anxiety and insomnia were always conditions I battled, but 2020 was really something else.

Desperate for a cure or treatment for my anxiety and sleeplessness, I looked all over for some non-prescription remedies.  Weighted blankets kept coming up so I figured I would give it a try.

There were so many weighted blankets out there that it was really difficult to figure out the best one to buy, so I just bought a highly rated weighted blanket that was cheaper than most, but not the cheapest.

Thanks to the quick shipping on Amazon, I got my first weighted blanket the day after I ordered it.  I tore the heavy box open and pulled out my 20lb blanket.  My first impression was “wow, this is really cheap feeling.”

That low-cost blanket was kind of clinical looking, had a scratchy material I didn’t like, and when I put it on me in bed, I could feel the weighted beads in it.  It felt like a giant bean bag on top of me.

Despite the uncomfortable fabric and lumpy/noisy beads, I did immediately feel a sense of relaxation under it.  That night I fell asleep at a normal hour!

A couple of weeks into using the blanket, the benefits were still there, but the quality of the blanket really got to me.  I decided to really treat myself and get an expensive weighted blanket from one of the bigger brands.

The new blanket was way nicer, but was it really worth the price?  I found it hard to justify the price tag and I already gave my first blanket to my mother.

Deciding to Create Restasy

I always wanted to start a business, but I would only do it if I had something I personally use and love, and more importantly, helped people.  

After using the weighted blankets, I would not shut up about how much it helped me.  But I also complained about the range of quality and price.  That’s when I realized I should make my own quality weighted blankets that people could afford.

I contacted dozens of manufacturers and ordered a lot of samples from the ones that have the best working conditions.  The samples with the best construction and material quality move into my next round of testing where I made changes and ordered more prototypes.

My closet is now full of hundreds of pounds of blankets that didn’t make the cut to the final round.  But, my bed now has a 20lb blanket that I use every single day.  I finally made one I love that I would be proud to offer to others!

The Future of Restasy

My current goal is to create a quality weighted blanket that people can afford, while also educating others about the amazing benefits of a weighted blanket.  

Going forward, Restasy will be a brand you can trust to make the best products for dealing with anxiety and helping you get better rest and sleep.  I hope you follow along and find some of the amazing ideas I’ve been researching become a reality.

More information about Restasy’s future and mission on Our Dream page.

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